BUIP119: Implement sending to CashAccount
Proposer: Jonathan Silverblood
Submitted on: 2019-03-30
Status: passed


The purpose of this BUIP is to build native support for sending to
CashAccounts in Bitcoin Unlimited’s node software. This means that in
places where the user can normally enter a Bitcoin Cash address,
entering a CashAccount should be supported.


This BUIP proposes that we use bitcoin unlimited funds to:

  • Add code that parses and recognize when a user has entered a
  • Add code that looks up and uses the payment data in a CashAccount


There already exist a few wallets that support sending to Cash Accounts,
and having a consistent and user friendly means to enter who we want to
send money to is one of the main pain points for adoption. Adding
support in Bitcoin Unlimited helps bring unity across the ecosystem.


Cash Accounts is a protocol for on-chain name-to-payment data, and
allows sending money over the Bitcoin Cash network to be less technical
and more humane.