BUIP084: Secure BCH coin splitting instructions
Proposer: @79b79aa8
Submitted on: 2018-01-11
Status: passed


While many dedicated hardware and online wallets enable BCH splitting,
no well-documented, open source tool / instruction set is readily
available to guide users to independently and securely claim their BCH.

The absence of such a tool de-incentivizes security-minded long-term
adopters from using the BCH network, especially in light of the present
difficulty of transferring cold storage BTC to a wallet that enables


To harness Bitcoin’s network effect in favor of Bitcoin Cash by
facilitating the separation of BCH from cold storage BTC, thereby
promoting BCH usage. To educate users about forking and wallet


Document each step required for securely transferring BCH stored in a
BTC wallet.dat file to a BCH address. Document each step required for
securely transferring BCH stored in a BTC paper wallet, paper key or
redeemable code to a BCH address. Explain any additional steps that may
be taken for peace of mind (e.g. transferring the BTC to a fresh
non-deterministically derived address after performing the split). Post
a comprehensive, detailed, fully-vetted primer on the BU website.


A 0.25 BCH reward shall be paid to the author of the first version of
the instructions delivered to an elected BU official that is deemed
ready for a round of vetting by the membership. 0.25 BCH shall be
reserved in case contracting any supplementary services (html coding,
translation, etc.) is judged desirable by the leadership before
publication on the BU website.


Deliverable must be posted for comments no later than four weeks after
BUIP approval in order to qualify for bounty.