BUIP032: Vote Peter R for Secretary
Proposer: Peter Rizun (Peter R)
Sumbitted: 2016-10-05
Status: passed

Dear Members,

Please accept this post as my entry into the election for Secretary of
Bitcoin Unlimited.

My full name is Peter Ryan Rizun and I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I
spend about half of my time running a technology company I co-own called
Osensa Innovations Corp and the other half
of my time working as a volunteer to help grow Bitcoin. Bitcoin is my
passion, and I want to help shape its entrance upon the global economic
stage, doing to the “exchange of money” what the Internet did to the
exchange of information.

As Bitcoin Unlimited Secretary, I would continue to work towards the
vision defined by Satoshi Nakamoto in his seminal white
. Bitcoin was meant to be a
peer-to-peer electronic cash system, accessible to the world’s seven
billion people, and I wholeheartedly commit to doing whatever is in my
power to make this vision a reality.

Professionally, I am half physicist and half engineer.

I am a co-founder and a co-managing editor for
Ledger, the very
first peer-reviewed academic journal for cryptocurrency research,
supported by a distinguished editorial board with representation from
Oxford, Duke, Stanford and more.

My main research interest is developing analytical theory that explains
properties and emergent phenomenon of the Bitcoin Network. I’ve written
two papers related to Bitcoin that received significant interest, “A
Transaction Fee Market Exists Without A Block Size
“Reduce Orphaning Risk and Improve Zero Confirmation Security With
and gave a talk on
block space as an economic commodity at the Scaling Bitcoin conference
in Montreal. I also wrote a 5-part article series called “Towards
Massive On-Chain Scaling: Block Propagation Results With Xthin,”
received over 20,000 views, to present our results after the BU core
team measured block propagation times for over 8,000 blocks.

I’m also a “hardware junky,” and in the fall of 2014 I built several
prototypes of “Sigsafe: a NFC key tag for signing Bitcoin
of these devices made the world’s first Bitcoin transaction signed
off-line over an air gap
and then
communicated to the network in real time.

I was the recipient of the $105,000 Natural Sciences and Engineering
Research Council (NSERC) CGS Doctoral Award and was recognized as a
“Leader of Tomorrow” by the Alberta Science and Technology Foundation
(ASTech). I hold a B.A.Sc. degree in Engineering Physics from the
University of British Columbia and a Ph.D. in Medical Physics from the
University of Calgary.

Outside of Bitcoin, I’m a hard-core foodie, drink far too much wine for
my own good, and love hiking and swimming. I hope that you consider
voting for me in the upcoming election for Bitcoin Unlimited

Peter R. Rizun