BUIP020: Implement bit-0 soft-forks (BIPs 9,68,112,113)
Proposer: freetrader
Submitted: 2016-06-09
Status: withdrawn


BIPs 68, 112 and 113 are currently being deployed through a soft-fork on
version bit 0 [1].
The trajectory of support [2] indicates a likelihood that these BIPs
will soon be activated by miners (i.e. reach 95% support).

Once this happens, miners who do not support these BIPs will find their
blocks orphaned.

In the interests of Bitcoin Unlimited remaining compatible with Bitcoin
Core miners, it is proposed to implement the deployment of these BIPs in
the same manner as Core.


The Core BIPs 9, 68, 112 and 113 should be sufficient as a specification
of the BU implementation.
A new design is probably not needed as the Core implementation could be
Nevertheless, a review of Core’s design of their BIP implementations is
probably advisable.

Backward Compatibility

Until activation of this soft-fork, the client would be compatible with
previous versions.


This should be identical to the soft fork deployment used by Core (i.e.
use a conforming implementation of BIP9).


This document is placed in the public domain.